Transport Paramedic-Part-Time

Position Summary

An employee in this class serves as a member of the emergency department. The employee will perform direct patient care under the direction of the emergency physician within the ED and throughout the hospital as needed. Also perform administrative, clerical, and clinical duties as assigned. Complies with all policies and procedureces of Central Carolina Hospital, Emergency Department, and Central Carolina EMS. Employees will transport patients to other acute care hospitals and medical facilities (such as SNF, rehab) as well as to home via the hospital wheel chair van and/or ambulance. Will respond to cardiac arrest and medical responses throughout the facility. 


Training commensurate with NC EMS paramedic certification.

Licensure, Certifications or other qualifications

Certification as North Carolina Paramedic, ACLS, PALS, BLS.

Preferred certifications include: National Registry Paramedic, and/or Critical Care Paramedic certification (CCEMTP, FP-C, CCP-C)

Possession of a valid drivers license with solid history of safe driving issued by the state of North Carolina. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Assists the Registered Nurse as directed with safe and effective patient care of all age groups
  2. Transports patients using wheelchair or stretcher within hospital and to and from personal vehicles
  3. Transports patients using hospital wheelchair van and/or ambulance
  4. Obtains/records vital signs including orthostatic vital signs
  5. Documents patients’ stated complaint, past medical history, current medications, and reported allergies
  6. Monitors oxygen saturation by pulse oximeter on an intermittent and continuous basis
  7. Initiates cardiac monitoring; demonstrates ability to detect dysrhythmias and notifies registered nurse
  8. Performs 12-lead electrocardiograms
  9. Performs cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  10. Responds to code blue and MRT throughout the hospital
  11. Initiates oxygen therapy (nasal cannula, mask and bag-valve-mask ventilation) per protocol
  12. Performs oral, nasal, and ET tube suctioning
  13. Performs phlebotomy; sets up for, collects and labels ordered specimens
  14. Initiates and maintains peripheral IV access and external jugular IV access as ordered by physician
  15. Establishes intraosseous access as directed by physician
  16. Inserts urinary catheters and gastric tubes (NG/OG) as ordered
  17. Applies orthopedic appliances including but not limited to: Hare traction, clavicle straps, cervical collars, ace wraps, ankle air splints, knee immobilizers, slings, and simple splints
  18. Sizes crutches and teaches crutch walking
  19. Assists in C-spine immobilization/stabilization, placing patient on backboard or removing from backboard while maintaining proper cervical alignment
  20. Assists with equipment setup to include but not limited to: Chest-tube drainage system, Rapid infusion/fluid warmer, Bair Hugger, gastric lavage
  21. Assists in application of restraints
  22. Transports patients including those on continuously cardiac monitoring to other departments within facility
  23. Assists in monitoring patients receiving conscious sedation
  24. Performs post-mortem care
  25. In resuscitative situations, performs duties as ordered under the direction and supervision including endotracheal intubation
  26. In resuscitative situations, administers medications according to ACLS and PALS protocols as ordered by physician
  27. Escorts patients to examination rooms and prepares patient for evaluation; facilitates transfer of care between the EMS providers and ED staff
  28. Assists physicians and/or advanced practice provider with examinations and procedures (e.g., suturing, lumbar punctures, pelvic exams)
  29. Maintains patient safety and confidentiality at all times
  30. Documents data collected/treatments performed in computer documentation system
  31. Assists with sterile procedures, including but not limited to basic wound care, dressing removal, washing and irrigating wounds, applying dressings
  32. Monitors assigned patients and reports unusual conditions to the RN or physician
  33. Adheres to sterile technique standards, universal precautions related to safe handling of hazardous wastes, and body substance precautions
  34. Performs all approved Point of Care Testing
  35. Performs clerical duties as assigned by a registered nurse
  36. Performs skills as listed on the North Carolina Medical Board Approved Skills for Credentialed EMS Personnel under the direction of a physician
  37. Administer medication as listed on the North Carolina Medical Board Approved Medications for Credentialed EMS Personnel under the direction of a physician


If interested in applying for this position, please go to Careers | Central Carolina Hospital

Closing Date (If Any): 
Monday, July 4, 2022
Statewide (No County)
Certification Level: