Paramedic Positions Full Time (24/72) and Part Time - Johnston County Emergency Services

Paramedic Positions Full Time (24/72) and Part Time - Johnston County Emergency Services



3/19/2020 11:59 PM Eastern



The EMS Division of Johnston County Emergency Services has Paramedic positions available. A background screening will be completed to include driving record, criminal record, and state certification status. **Please note hourly rate does not include overtime.** Application attachments to include current DMV record and Criminal Background information. Applications without required attachments may be rejected. Applicants who have applied within the past 90 days need not reapply, these applications are still being considered.

Duties and Responsibilities

Works proficiently at the paramedic level while working independently or with co-workers, hospital staff, and a large number of volunteer emergency medical units and fire departments throughout the County. Performs daily and monthly check-off logs and records of medical supplies, equipment, vehicle which includes wash and wax as needed, station cleaning in accordance with set procedures, and identify deficiencies and take appropriate action. Complete station requisition orders for medications and medical supplies. Communicate and maintain a positive relationship with other co-workers, public, EMS squads, fire departments, other emergency service agencies and hospital staff. Familiar with the function of emergency medical equipment, and medical supplies. Works effectively under stress, make quick and appropriate decisions, and provide proper written documentation. Performs technical specialized work under the direction and supervision of the EMS Division Chief and/or supervisor through the command structure to provide basic and advanced life support care in response to calls for emergency medical care, fires, crime scenes, riots, natural disasters and accidents as well as while en route to the hospital or other destination. Ability to work a rotating shift, travel to and from assigned stations to meet the needs of the EMS operations. Practice infection control procedures to safeguard the health and welfare of self and others. Compile statistical data that reflects EMS activity. Perform daily clerical tasks relevant to the delivery of EMS as assigned. Retrieve and deliver interdepartmental communications as directed. Report errors in protocols, policy/procedures and standard operating guidelines. Follow up on patient care delivered by self and others as directed by EMS Division Chief. Confer with the EMS Division Chief through the command structure. Maintain and ensure patient and department confidentiality. Maintain and ensure confidentiality in regard to personnel matters. Review medical protocols on a regular basis to ensure competency. Identify potential victims of assault/abuse and make prompt notification to the appropriate investigative authority. Complete all necessary paper work on all calls in appropriate time.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledgeable of Johnston County EMS system, geographical area of the County, subdivisions and other key locations. Maintains knowledge in current departmental policies, county policies, and N.C OEMS regulations. Knowledge of emergency health care procedures and ability to evaluate the patient's conditions and properly render the appropriate treatment set forth in the patient care protocols, with or without physicians' direction. Skilled in the operations of an emergency vehicle, using knowledge and skills in driving to avoid hazards or to keep from becoming a hazard. Ability to pass and maintain training in specialized courses pertinent to Emergency Medical Services. Thorough knowledge of laws, rules, regulations, techniques and practices involved in the operation of emergency medical services. Thorough knowledge of emergency medical theories, principles and practices. Analytical skill required for emergency medical services. Ability to plan and organize treatment in emergency situations. Ability to develop and maintain effective work relationships with co-workers, EMS volunteers, hospital and medical community professionals, the public, and other emergency agencies. Ability to exercise sound judgment and make effective patient decision and accurate paramedic medical diagnosis and treatment decisions. Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written forms.

Desired Education and Experience

Three years of active EMS experience in emergency response situations. Successfully complete specialized training programs as deemed appropriate by the EMS Division Chief. Become and maintain EMS preceptor status for Johnston County and provide peer instruction and supervision to other employees, students and observers when appropriate. Approved and maintains all requirements to function as a North Carolina paramedic which are set by the State office of EMS.

Special Requirements Include:

Certification from the State of North Carolina as an Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic level. Possession of a valid North Carolina driver's license. Application attachments to include Current DMV record and Criminal Background information. Applications without required attachments may be rejected.

Johnston County

204 S. Second Street
P.O Box 1049
Smithfield, North Carolina, 27577

(919) 938-4700
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Closing Date (If Any): 
Thursday, March 19, 2020
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