Paramedic FT

This employee performs paramedic level life support, stabilization procedures, and emergency medical care in the Emergency Medical Services unit of the County.


Performs emergency medical procedures at the certified paramedic level, performing professional advanced life support work in operating in approved mobile medical unit, rescuing victims and performing advanced emergency care including the administration of life sustaining treatment to patients on-site and while in route to area hospitals.  Work involves responding to the scene of emergency and non-emergency calls, applying necessary medical treatment to sick or injured persons, and transporting persons to a medical facility.  Employees serve as a member of a response unit and are responsible for the medical care administered to the patient.  Work requires considerable independent judgment in assessing the condition of patients and applying short-term relief. 

Employees are exposed to the normal hazards of emergency rescue work, including risk of exposure to human body fluids and infectious diseases, thus the work is subject to the OSHA requirements for blood borne pathogens.  Work is performed in accordance with established EMT and medical procedures and under departmental and local medical director approved protocols.  Work is performed under the supervision of a shift supervisor and is evaluated through peer review, conferences, observation, discussion of procedures at emergency scenes, and public feedback.

Minimum Qualifications

The position requires a High School Graduate or equivalent and possession of an Emergency Technician certification at the Paramedic level.

Additional Requirements

Drug screen and background check required. All employees are E-Verified.

Please submit an Anson County application to Roslynn K. Ingram, Human Resources, 101 S. Greene St., Ste. 240, Wadesboro, NC 28170 or email to,  Applications may be obtained at

Closing date:  Open until filled


Anson County is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Statewide (No County)
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