Onslow County Emergency Medical Services Division Head

SALARY: $64,424.81 - $83,752.05 Annually

OPENING DATE: 04/01/21

CLOSING DATE: Continuous


Onslow County Government, which operates under a Commissioner-Manager form of

government, is seeking an Emergency Medical Services Division Head to oversee the Onslow

County Division of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) under the Department of Emergency

Services. The successful candidate for this role will have a commitment to innovative quality

emergency medicine and the health and wellbeing of the Onslow County citizens.

The Community: The City of Jacksonville is the County seat, and the areas surrounding the City

constitute the major population centers and growth areas in the County. The County has a

population of more than 200,000 people and includes the incorporated towns of Holly Ridge,

Richlands, Swansboro, North Topsail Beach, a portion of Surf City and unincorporated Sneads

Ferry. Onslow County is proudly the home of Camp Lejeune, the United States Marine Corps'

largest installation on the east coast.. Located on the coast of Eastern North Carolina, Onslow

County enjoys a temperate climate and access to beautiful beaches.

With eleven responding ambulances and six stations, the Emergency Medical Services Division

Head is responsible for 108 full time employees including 13 supervisory positions. The Division

has an annual budget of roughly $8M and the EMS Division responded to over 22,000 calls in



Provides overall direction and coordination of all County owned EMS resources

throughout county; directs and coordinates daily work of Paramedic level EMS shift

supervisors; directs and manages personnel, equipment, vehicle and facility purchases,

maintenance and repairs, and financial files and records.

Directs and coordinates agency and EMS system response to emergency and nonemergency

requests for assistance; analyzes agency and EMS system response and

methods to increase efficiency and effectiveness of all services.

Directs and manages commanders, coordinators and team leaders for all special teams

that operate under the Division of EMS and the ESF 8 function.

Performs as the Onslow-Camp Lejeune Plan Administrator.

Coordinates with the agency, State and EMS System Medical Director, Assistant and

Associate Medical Directors; interacts with various public safety agencies.

Prepares and administers division annual operating and capital budgets; prepares and

submits annual budget proposals; controls and approves purchases and expenses from

division budgets.

Writes grant applications/proposals and administers expenditures of grant funds.

Manages, coordinates, and controls EMS billing operations to include North Carolina Debt

Setoff, credit reporting, and insurance.

Supervises personnel through monitoring radio communications, inspections, quality

improvement reviews, reports, statistical analysis and on scene management of incidents;

conducts performance evaluations, sets and monitors goals for continuous improvement

of personnel performance; recommends individuals for hire, promotions, and disciplinary


Answers and resolves complaints regarding the EMS Division.

Develops and implements community information and community relations activities.

Performs the duties of a paramedic, as required; operates a County/emergency vehicle in

the course of employment.

Represents the Agency and/or division at meetings; serves on committees as requested.

Answers questions and provide information to the public including letter writing, proposal

development, and making formal presentations.

Provides information and assistance to other departments, outside agencies, and the

public on assigned functions.

Recommends, develops and implements program and policy changes relating to EMS.

Assist, represent and advise the Director on issues related to EMS.

Performs assigned functions as a Disaster Ready Team (DRT) member.

Performs related tasks as required.


A successful candidate will have:

Emergency Medical Services knowledge and expertise in program oversight including

broad knowledge of up-to-date trends, technology, regulations, and laws.

Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of emergency medical services,

public sector organization, program operations, and budgeting.

Experience in applying the principles and practices of project management, contract and

grant administration, including research, development and implementation of

projects/programs, vendors, contractors and user agency coordination

An in-depth understanding of general medical services, terminology, equipment, and


Experience in modern administrative methods and procedures, business correspondence

and report preparation, statistical analysis and evaluations

The ability to apply and interpret agency policies and procedures as well as local, state

and federal laws and regulations relevant to the program area

Effective research and record keeping methods and techniques

Leadership skills to effectively facilitate meetings to achieve consensus.

Resolution skills to respond, resolve and coordinate difficult and sensitive citizen inquiries.

Critical thinking, problem solving, and collaborative approaches to improving program


Analytical skills to analyze situations thoroughly, identify potential problems, and find

effective solutions.

The ability to establish and maintain positive and professional working relationships with

managers, other Agency staff, other governmental jurisdictions, vendors, and the public.

Effective communication skills and the ability to express ideas both orally and in writing.


Bachelor's degree with coursework in emergency medical science, or related field and extensive

experience as a paramedic responding to out-of-hospital emergency calls and considerable

supervisory experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Must possess and maintain Paramedic certification from the State of North Carolina.

Must receive certification in Rapid Sequence Intubation by the OCEMS Medical Director within

12 months of hire. This certification requires a minimum of 2 years of experience as a field

paramedic, five successful field intubations, and recommendations from the current or previous

agency medical director and supervisor.

Valid driver's license.

In order to be considered for this position, you must upload:

Your final transcript showing the date that your degree was awarded and/or any required

certificates or licenses must be uploaded with your application even if you are a current

employee or we have received it with a previous application.

An example of a professional grant proposal or grant writing sample.



234 Northwest Corridor Boulevard

Jacksonville, NC 28540


Position #437100020



Emergency Medical Services Division Head Supplemental Questionnaire

* 1. This position requires a bachelors degree with coursework in emergency medical

science. Please indicate the highest level of completed education below.

High School or GED


Bachelors Degree

Masters Degree


None of the above

* 2. Have you completed major coursework in emergency medical services and/or

emergency medical services training?



* 3. Do you possess a valid driver's license?



* 4. This position requires two to five years of leadership experience. Please describe your

leadership experience to include the number of employees you have supervised.

* 5. This position requires extensive experience as a paramedic responding to out of

hospital emergency calls. Extensive is defined as a minimum of six years. Please

describe your experience as a paramedic.

* 6. Do you have current certificates issued by the State of North Carolina for Emergency

Medical Technician (Paramedic)?

Yes- NC Certification

Yes- National Certification


* 7. Please describe any professional experience you have in increasing efficiency and

effectiveness in EMS?

* 8. This position will require writing of grant applications and proposals. Have you

uploaded your professional examples of grant writing and/or proposals?



* 9. Have you uploaded your final transcript showing the date that your degree was

awarded and any required certificates or licenses? This must be done even if you are

a current employee or we have received it with a previous application.



* 10. Based on your review of the position requirements, are you able to perform the

position duties with or without reasonable accommodation?



* Required Question

Closing Date (If Any): 
Monday, August 2, 2021
Statewide (No County)
Certification Level: