Lenoir County EMS - Any Level - Full-time/Part-time

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Performs professional advanced life support work in operating an approved mobile medical unit, rescuing victims and performing advanced emergency care including the administration of life-sustaining treatment to patients on-site and while en route to the hospital. Work involves responding to the scene of emergency calls, applying the necessary medical treatment of sick or injured persons, and transporting persons to a medical facility. Employee serves as a member of an ambulance crew. This employee is responsible for all medical care of the patient. Work may expose the employee to human blood or body fluids and thus, the job is subject to the OSHA requirements for bloodborne pathogens.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Responds to emergency calls as a mobile medical unit attendant or driver. Performs necessary rescue work in accordance with established protocols for Basic and Advanced Life Support. Administers necessary emergency medical care and provides necessary medical care with the use of suction units and immobilization equipment. Administers intravenous infusions and medications as approved in the protocol. Provides necessary medical care with the performance of intubation/advanced airway management. Performs defibrillation, cardioversion, and pacing. Works within the ICS structure during multiple casualty incidents. Completes records, reports, and other information as required. Performs any task as assigned by the EMS Commander (Operating Officer), or the EMS Captain in the absence of, or at the direction of, the EMS Commander.

MINIMUM TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: Graduation from high school. Possession of a valid North Carolina driver’s license. Successful completion of an NCOEMS examination or ability to obtain reciprocity in North Carolina. 

APPLICATION PROCESS: Applicants interested in this position must submit a Lenoir County Emergency Services Employment Application and attach a copy of current NCOEMS credentials and associated specialty courses to April Batchelor, Lenoir County Human Resources Department, PO Box 3289, Kinston, NC 28502. Incomplete or unsigned applications will not be processed.


Starting Salary:

  • Full-time
    • EMT - $28,122.20 plus overtime over 40 hours
    • AEMT - $30,826.12 plus overtime over 40 hours
    • Paramedic - $33,794.80 plus overtime over 40 hours
  • Part-time
    • EMT - $11.95
    • AEMT - $13.10
    • Paramedic - $15.64


Statewide (No County)
Certification Level: 
Advanced EMT