Hyde County EMS-Part Time-All Levels

Hyde County EMS is currently seeking qualified EMT/Advanced/Paramedic applicants for Vacant part time positions.  Hyde County EMS is a very rural eastern North Carolina County.  The population of Hyde County NC is approximately 5200.  Average Call volume for Hyde County EMS is 900-1200 calls per year.  Hyde County EMS operates under a very progressive set of protocols and we also work under a very progressive Medical Director.  Hyde County, NC is comprised of both Mainland Hyde County and Ocracoke Island, we provide and staff EMS services for both.  Hyde County EMS employees face numerous challenges and experiences daily in this rural environment.  These include 1-3 hour transport times depending on location of call, and little to no assistance available to crews on calls from other ALS units.

Full Time shift rotations for Hyde County EMS are 48/144, or 2 days on and 6 days off.  Very manageable due to call volume and provides a great work/life balance.  Part time shifts are generally 48 hours, but can be broken down at times.  Mainland Hyde County EMS is comprised of a Paramedic staffing a QRV, and an ALS provider and an EMT staffing the ambulance.  Ocracoke Island is staffed mostly by double Paramedic coverage on the ambulance, during the summer an extra unit is added to Ocracoke Island over the weekends using mostly part time staff.

Hyde County Employment Application can be found on the Hyde County NC website, under the employment tab.  These may be emailed to the email listed below.

Contact information:

David White



Certification Level: 
Advanced EMT