Davidson Community College Coordinator, Medical Simulation

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The Coordinator, Medical Simulation at Davidson County Community College is a twelve-month position reporting to the Dean, Health Sciences. The primary efforts will be focused on the day-to-day operation of the medical simulation labs and experiences at Davidson County Community College. The successful candidate will demonstrate openness to new ideas, a flexible mindset that allows changes necessary to meet student needs, and a positive attitude focused on moving the program forward.  Other critical qualities for success include a high degree of professionalism with colleagues and students, including exceptional communication skills.  A staff member is responsible for engaging in professional development and promoting the College mission, vision, and values. 


Essential Job Functions:

  1. Coordinate and supervise the general operation of simulation laboratory spaces/center to provide a wide variety of patient simulation experiences.
  2. Oversee the regular preventive maintenance and repair all simulation equipment
  3. Oversee the set up and take down of simulation laboratory equipment
  4. Coordinate training for all users of the simulation laboratory including faculty.
  5. Operate simulation equipment and related equipment as needed
  6. Maintain simulation spaces and supplies
  7. Create and maintain a state of the art simulation environment
  8. Demonstrates a high level of professionalism and commitment to the mission, vision and values of DCCC
  9. Maintains a high level of sensitivity, understanding, and respect for a diverse academic environment, inclusive of students, faculty, and staff of varying social, economic, cultural, ideological, and ethnic backgrounds


Additional Job Functions:

  1. Coordinate workflow between departments and develop interdisciplinary opportunities.
  2. Provide technical support for task trainers and multimedia peripherals
  3. Monitor and prepare laboratory budget.
  4. Develop an equipment replacement plan
  5. Network with other lab/simulation coordinators at local/state/national level to develop and utilize best practices.




Qualifications Required:


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Successful applicants will have:


  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to meet challenges of adult learners with diverse backgrounds.
  • Familiarity with PC platforms with experience in MS Office and ability to learn new technology
  • Ability to foster positive working relationships with faculty, staff, students and external partners
  • Ability to express technical information clearly and simply to non-technical persons.
  • Clinical knowledge and experience working in a healthcare related field
  • Critical thinking skills necessary to solve complex problems and create schedules
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to Maintain high level of sensitivity, understanding, and respect for a diverse academic environment, inclusive of students, faculty, and staff of varying social, economic, cultural, ideological, and ethnic backgrounds


Education and Experience

  • AAS degree in healthcare field such as Paramedic, EMT, Medical Assistant, Medical Lab Technologist, LPN or RN
  • Knowledge of medical terminology and human anatomy/physiology.
  • Commitment to obtain Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist (CHSOS) certification within two years of hire date.


Qualifications Preferred:

  • BS degree in a related field such as Computer Science, Management Information Technology, Film.
  • BS degree in Healthcare discipline
  • Experience with providing technical support in networking, computer hardware or software.
  • Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist (CHSOS) preferred.










Requirements Relative to ADA

Position: Coordinator, Medical Simulation


Check if Applicable

Describe job responsibilities

Critical Thinking


Ability to use critical thinking skills to process information and exercise good judgment

Physical Demands:





General position responsibilities as well as preparation for and participation in special events and meetings

    Walking (mobility)


Participation in college/division activities



Participation in meetings, use of computers, completion of paperwork



Physical ability to lift, move, maintain and set up computer, audio-visual and simulation lab equipment weighing up to 50 lbs. without assistance.



Moving equipment and supplies from storage to classrooms/labs and back again. Assisting in client care.



Minimal amount needed for storing or retrieving supplies and equipment



Minimal amount needed for storing and retrieving supplies, as well maintenance of the simulation equipment



Managing papers, manuals, and assignments for a class.   Carrying equipment, supplies and other instructional materials.






Communicate with others orally – participate in college and School activities, answering telephone inquiries. Interacting with vendors.



Adequate to communicate with others



 Read text, use of keyboard, computers and simulation equipment



Communicate through writing – preparing reports, development of documents, including use of keyboard and computers

Other (examples):



Valid NC Driver’s license


Travel to campus locations and College events



Clinical knowledge and experience working in a healthcare related field such as EMT, paramedic, or other allied health profession certification and training.

Medical Certification


ADA Summary: ADA requirements for this position include critical thinking skills with the ability to process information and exercise good judgment in the collection, evaluation, and analysis of data, and student assessment, curriculum development, and program review.  Other requirements include ease of mobility in the simulation lab settings, carrying supplies and other instructional materials, ability to move, climb, or crawl under equipment, use of keyboard, effective use of all forms of communication (oral, written, visual, auditory), and the ability to perform general simulation related instruction for faculty and office duties and travel to other campus locations.


Tp apply please visit www.schooljobs.com/careers/davidsonccc



Closing Date (If Any): 
Monday, October 26, 2020
Statewide (No County)
Certification Level: 
Advanced EMT
Other Credentialed