Currituck County Fire and EMS - Full Time & Part Time All Levels

Job Descriptions:

Full Time
Firefighter Paramedic: $50,918.42-$70,565.66
Firefighter Advanced: $45,747.47-$63,671.69
Firefighter EMT: $40,863.43-$56,486.21

Paramedic: $42,874.45-$42,874.45
Advanced: $36,842.67-$36,842.67
EMT: $30,808.44-$30,808.44

Part Time
Paramedic: $20.6127 per hour
Advanced: $17.7128 per hour
EMT: $14.8118 per hour

HOW TO APPLY: Online application
Submit online application with a copy of your driver’s license, as well as copies of the required medical certifications and trainings. Out-of-State residents, excluding Virginia residents, must provide a current driving check with the application to be considered. More info please call our administrative office at 252-232-7746

Closing Date (If Any): 
Sunday, August 7, 2022
Certification Level: 
Advanced EMT
Other Credentialed