Community Care Coordinator Graham County


TITLE:  Community Care Coordinator (CCC)                                                                                                                   





This employee works with patients in their residential setting to provide post-discharge and preventive care that is intended to help improve the overall health and wellness of program participants.  Expands access to non-urgent health care through in-home patient visits and/or community-based services and provides outreach education. Employee will consistently perform in compliance with their position descriptions and with the policies/procedures of the department.  Performance is evaluated in cooperation with Department Manager, County Manager, and Medical Director by observation and through review of records and reports.



Responsible to: EMS Director

Nature of supervision received:  Direct

Positions Directly Supervised: None


Community Care Coordinator Defined

The Community Care Coordinator is a state licensed EMS professional that has completed an appropriate educational program and has demonstrated competence in the provision of health education, monitoring and services beyond the roles of traditional emergency care and transport and in conjunction with medical direction. The specific roles and services are determined by community health needs and in collaboration with public health and medical direction. The CCC provides a continuous partnership with chronically ill or “high-risk” patients and their family/caregiver(s), clinic/hospital/specialty providers and staff, and other community resources as appropriate

Community Care Coordinators generally focus on:

  • Providing and connecting patients to primary care services
  • Completing post hospital follow-up care
  • Integration and connection with local public health agencies, home health agencies, health systems, and other providers
  • Providing education and health promotion programs
  • Reduction in duplication of community resources
  • Creation and promotion of adherence to care plan developed by the patient and their primary care provider
  • Increasing patients’ ability for self-management and shared decision making



The following is a summary of the major essential functions of the job.  The incumbent may perform other duties, both major and minor, that are not mentioned below; and specific functions may change from time to time. 

  1. Meets performance expectations as determined by the oversight committee including the County Manager, Health Department Director, and EMS Director.
  2. Serves as a trained “navigator” of community resources, connecting patients to agencies and services for which the patient may not be aware to reduce barriers to care.
  3. Provide community outreach to the public in conjunction with the Community Health Educator. Work collaboratively with the Health Department and the Community Health Educator to provide outreach programs.
  4. Provides preventive care that is intended to help improve the overall health and wellness of program participants. Requires excellent rapport, understanding, and communication with the patients and their family members.
  5. Expands access to non-urgent health care through in-home patient visits and/or community-based services.  Common services will include: assessment (vital signs, blood pressure, labs such as glucose levels, diagnostic cardiac monitoring, medication compliance and reconciliation, adherence to discharge instructions, etc.), treatment (wound care, medication administration, post-operative follow-up, etc.), prevention (immunizations, home safety check, health education, etc.), and referral (mental health, medical and social services, etc.). Thereby producing better health outcomes and reducing the number of ambulance transports, visits to the emergency department, and hospital readmissions.
  6. Works in cooperation with other key stakeholders/key medical providers to offer coordinated and integrated care (physician offices, home health agencies, hospice, long term care facilities, public health department, social services, etc.)
  7. Maintains thorough patient care documentation and completes all paperwork in a timely manner, including knowledge of and ability to work with an electronic medical record system.
  8. Functions as a Community Care Coordinator with assigned patients and navigates community resources to reduce barriers to care and provide education and access to services available to patient.  Must also maintain or exceed appropriate EMS (EMT, Advanced EMT, or Paramedic) job description.     
  9. Demonstrates standards of performance (respect, teamwork, communication, compassion) that support and encourage patient satisfaction and principles of service excellence. 
  10. Builds and advocates for the program. Creates community engagement. Functions as physician and hospital extenders by utilizing advanced protocols/procedures approved by the Medical Director.
  11. Follows established lines of authority and responsibility and ensures that service objectives are met and maintained.
  12. Act in the capacity of a 911 EMS provider as needed and maintain all knowledge,  skills, and competencies to perform this role.
  13. Demonstrate standards of performance (ownership, teamwork, communication, and compassion) that supports patient satisfaction and principles of service excellence.
  14. Assist the EMS Director with EMS scheduling, con-ed, etc.
  15. Perform other duties as assigned.


QUALIFICATIONS: The following qualifications, or equivalents, are the minimum require­ments necessary to perform the essential functions of this job:

EDUCATION AND FORMAL TRAINING: Current certification by the State of North Carolina as an EMT, Advanced EMT, or Paramedic required; North Carolina State certifications must be maintained continuously while employed.  All certification must be maintained continuously while employed. Required specialty certifications include:  CPR.  Current NC Driver’s License is required.  High School Diploma or GED equivalent. College Degree preferred.

WORK/PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: All immunization records must be up to date and documented.  Must be able to pass a criminal background check, drug screening and a physical agility test.

WORK EXPERIENCE:  At least three (3) years of experience in EMS preferred.

Please contact regarding applying for this position.

Certification Level: 
Advanced EMT