Tactical Emergency Medical Provider - Salisbury NC

Rowan-Cabarrus Community College

Tactical Emergency Medical Provider

Dates:                              23 July 2021 – 22 November 2021


Days:                               Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday


Times:                              0800-1700 (may vary)


Course Hours:                  160


Location:                          See outline below


Cost:                                $125 per module (Fire/Law/EMS/Rescue personnel fee exempt)

                                        One time supply fee $250 (scholarships may be available at https://www.rccc.edu/corporatecontinuing/continuing-education-scholarship-request/)


Pre-Requisites:                 1) NC or National EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic

                                        2) Sponsor letter of support from EMS or law enforcement provider


Course:                            Contract # - see below    Datatel     see below


Text:                                Jones & Bartlett – Tactical Medicine Essentials – ISBN: 9780763778217 (required)


Lead Instructors:              Scott Zeman, John Beall


Registration:                    Students must contact alan.thompson@rccc.edu to receive registration instructions.


Course Description:


The course is designed to prepare emergency medical service providers for the role of tactical medic. The program will be physically and psychologically intense. Students will learn skills specific to the role of tactical medical provider while gaining an operational level awareness of tactical team operations. The course is a traditional seated course with web supported material requiring additional study. Students successfully completing the course are eligible (not required) to sit for the IBSC Tactical Paramedic Exam (TP-C) at their expense.


Course Outline


Module 1 (4 days – 32 hours) (7/23/21-7/26/21) (Room North 4211, 4119, 4119A, 4122, 4124)

Contract 2102218 Datatel 109594

            Chapter 1        History and Role of the Tactical Medical Provider

            Chapter 4        Equipment of the Tactical Medical Provider

            Chapter 7        Medical Intelligence and Support

            Chapter 11      Tactical Patient Assessment

            Chapter 16      Extraction and Evacuation

            Other               Fitness

            Other               Medical Threat Assessments

            Other               Cooper physical assessment

            Other               TECC


Module 2 (4 days – 32 hours) (8/20/21-8/23/21) (Room North 4204 & Cabarrus County Sheriff Range)

Contract 2102219 Datatel 109612

            Chapter 3        SWAT Unit Essentials

            Chapter 5        Firearms Safety and Marksmanship

            Other               Fitness

            Other               Firearms module and qualification, range

            Other               Noise-flash distraction devices


Module 3 (4 days – 32 hours) (9/24/21-9/27/21) (Room North 4204, 4122, 4124, TTB)

Contract 2102220 Datatel 109613

            Chapter 6        Conventional Threats and Weapons

            Chapter 8        Self-Defense and Close Quarters Battle

            Chapter 9        Operational Tactics

            Other               Fitness

            Other               Tactical Movement

            Other               CQB /SCAT

Chapter 18      Torso Injuries

            Chapter 19      Head, Neck, and Spine Injuries

            Chapter 22      Environmental Emergencies


Module 4 (4 days – 32 hours) (10/22/21-10/25/21) (Room North 4204, 4122, 4124 (4122 & 4124 Fri/Sat/Sun)

Contract 2102221 Datatel 109642

            Chapter 10      Types of SWAT Callouts

            Other               K-9 Care and Management

            Chapter 20      Extremity Injuries

            Chapter 21      Soft Tissue Injuries

            Other               Tactical movement

            Other               Fitness

            Other               Remote Assessment Methodology

Other               Use of Force Continuum

            Other               Legal Issues for Tactical Teams


Module 5 (4 days – 32 hours) (11/19/21-11/22/21) (Room North 4204, 4122, 4124 , 4119, 4119A)

Contract 2102222 Datatel 109646

            Chapter 12      Controlling Bleeding

            Chapter 13      Basic Airway Management

            Chapter 14      Advanced Airway Management

            Chapter 15      Shock Management

            Chapter 17      Ballistics, Blast, and Less-Lethal Weapons Injuries

            Other               Chemical Munitions

Other               Conducted Electrical Weapons

            Other               Fitness

            Chapter 2        Safety and Wellness of the Tactical Medical Provider

Chapter 26      Challenges in Tactical Medicine

            Other               Fitness

            Other               Tactical Movement

            Chapter 23      Medications in the Tactical Environment

            Chapter 24      Weapons of Mass Destruction

            Chapter 25      Hazardous Materials and Clandestine Drug Labs


Opportunity Date: 
Friday, July 23, 2021 - 08:00 to Monday, November 22, 2021 - 17:00
Statewide (No County)
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