This 31 hour refresher course meets all objectives required under the national requirements of the NRP renewal standards. No specialty courses are included in this fast paced course. There is a $30 NAEMT fee due to the CAHEP accreditation of this program. This affiliation with the NAEMT and the accreditation will allow you to import the course directly in to your NRP education profile and save you a great deal of time accounting for individual education objectives. Course days are scheduled to correspond to individual modules, there was simply no way to break up the cardiology and medical modules and move some of that material to other days in a manner that flowed well from an educational standpoint. As a result we have two short days and two long days in this program. In an effort to accommodate students working full time shift schedules, we are offering this program on a flip/flop schedule. Students DO NOT need to select the same day each week, you can attend on the day each week that best suits your schedule.

Day 1 – January 6 or 7, 2022 – 0800-1545 with 1 hour lunch

            Airway 3.5 hours

            Trauma 3.75 hours

Day 2 – January 13 or 14, 2022 – 0800-1730 with 30 minute lunch

            Cardiology – 8.5 hours

Day 3 – January 20 or 21, 2022 – 0800-1530 with 1 hour lunch

            Operations – 6.5 hours

Day 4 – January 27 or January 28, 2022 – 0800-1745 with 30 minute lunch

            Medical – 8.75 hours


Total Course Hours – 31

Course cost - $30 NAEMT Fee plus $125 tuition as applicable


For further information contact Richard Stump NRP at

Opportunity Date: 
Thursday, January 6, 2022 - 07:30 to Friday, January 28, 2022 - 07:30
Statewide (No County)
Education Category: