Durham Technical Community College: EMS Instructor Methodology

The purpose of this course is to provide students who are clinically competent in a specific EMS content area with the instructional knowledge, resources ands kills to effectively deliver quality EMS education.  The course presents educational concepts, practices, and resources across a wide range of educational topics, from the basic psychology of learning to classroom management, to ethical issues in education, to student and course evaluation, and represents consensus among professional EMS educators as to essential knowledge, skills and practices required to provide quality EMS educational programs.

Class runs from 9/28/2020 - 11/19/2020.  This course is entirely online but while most content may be accessed whenever it's convenient for the student, they must also meet online every Thursday from 1500-1700 synchronously with the instructor.  No more than 2 synchronous absences will be allowed. 64 hours.

Required textbook: Foundations of Education: An EMS Approach, third Edition.  2020. National Association of EMS Educators.  ISBN: 9781284145168.

Required pre-requisites: Current EMS credential, HS Diploma/GED (or post-seondary degree) and proof of 11th grade reading ability.

email ems@durhamtech.edu for more information


Opportunity Date: 
Monday, September 28, 2020 - 09:00 to Thursday, November 19, 2020 - 09:00
Statewide (No County)
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