BOB PAGE is Coming To Beaufort County Community College

Bob Page will be at Beaufort County Community College on Sept 1st and 2nd delivering his lectures on 12 lead interpretation, Capnography and Stethoscopy. These classes are free to all fee waived EMS providers and $70/day for any non-fee waived providers. We have limited seats so preregistration is asked to assure you have a seat for each day. Classes will start at 0800 each day and you will receive 8 ours of CE credit per day. Lunch will be on your own. For more information or to pre-register, please email Billy Respass and Larry Gales at or call 252-940-6468.

You can attend either day, or both as we will hold registration for both days.

Day 1-

Multi-Lead Medics 12 Lead ECG Interpretation for Acute and Critical Care Providers

Instructor: Bob Page, M.Ed., NRP, CCP, NCEE

Course Description                                                                                                   

For over 30 years, Bob has been delivering this course to Emergency and Critical Care providers worldwide. If anyone told you that you could take a 12 lead class and have fun, would you believe them? Presented by Bob Page, Author of the book 12 Lead ECG for Acute and Critical Care Providers, this 8-hour, highly motivating, non-stop interactive course on 12-Lead ECG is comprehensive including proper lead placement, axis and hemiblock determination, bundle branch blocks, differentiating wide complex tachycardia and myocardial infarction recognition. Also included is the use of a 15-lead ECG for increased sensitivity for STEMI. Participants in the program will read approximately 200 12-lead ECGs, gaining both experience and confidence in their newly learned skill. This is a great course for EMS and hospitals implementing STEMI programs or for continuing professional development.

Day 2-

Part 1- Slap the Cap! The Comprehensive Capnography Course

Audience: All

First Nationally presented comprehensive course (Since 1998) on capnography that is an eye-opening experience when participants learn the incredible benefits gained from full ETCO2 monitoring and waveform assessment.  In this exciting and informative session, Bob reviews the related A&P of the respiratory system and explains, through the use of multi-media and audience involvement, the role of capnography in all aspects of emergency and critical care. From cases of cardiac arrest to airway and ventilation management. Patient assessment as an initial triage through primary assessment and secondary to ongoing reassessment. In medical and trauma cases alike, the case is made for using capnography as a key patient assessment tool for every patient. From the triage of any patient to the ongoing monitoring of the patient. In fact, anyone with a problem with ABC’s should have continuous monitoring of ETCO2 and waveform. Be a part of this comprehensive course that explains in detail why you measure CO2, how the machine measures it, how the waveforms are made and real cases from A-Z. Come and learn how to fully integrate this session into your practice and utilize it to its fullest potential! Capnography: It’s not just for confirming tube placement!

Part 2- Stethoscopy for Dummies

Audience: Educators, clinical providers

The stethoscope is the symbol of the medical profession: But how many of your students get the proper formal training on how to use it? This class will expose the general lack of knowledge in how to use one and present ideas on how to add this into your curriculum.

How much did you pay for your stethoscope? How much training did you get on how to use it? This will fill the gap. In this session, participants are provided down to earth “for dummies” information on various types of stethoscopes and how to use them to get the most out of patient assessment. In this “Ear Opening” session, new and improved methods and techniques are presented and breath sounds are presented via stethoscopy sounders, so that participants can hear the sounds with their own stethoscopes. That’s right! In this session, participants must bring heir own stethoscopes with them. Bob brings simulators for all participants to use their own stethoscopes to hear the various sounds. This is the class you should have got way back in EMT Class but did not.

Opportunity Date: 
Wednesday, September 1, 2021 - 08:00 to Thursday, September 2, 2021 - 17:00
Statewide (No County)
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Conference / Event