Alamance Community College FTEP Course March 21-25 2022 0900-1800

Basic EMS Field Training Officer Course

March 23-25

The position of Field Training Officer is often the first rung on the promotional ladder for an EMS paramedic. In many agencies, individuals are appointed FTOs without any preparation whatsoever, except for their prior EMS field experience. The Basic EMS Field Training Officer course will introduce to the prospective field training officer to the structure, tools, techniques and concepts of EMS-FTEP™, and will provide instruction in the principles of adult learning, coaching, evaluation, giving feedback, and documenting trainee performance using EMS-FTEP tools (Standardized Evaluation Guidelines, Recruit Training Manual, and Daily Observation Reports).

Developing and Managing the EMS Field Training and Evaluation Program

March 21-22

This class is intended for EMS supervisors, educators, managers and executives who want to develop a sound, legally-defensible field training and evaluation program (FTEP) to smoothly and effectively integrate new employees into their agencies or to strengthen and solidify an existing field training program. It is not intended for individual paramedics selected to or seeking to become EMS field training officers. Many senior EMS officers believe that once a new paramedic or EMT completes preservice training, he/she should be ready to “hit the street” and function as a productive member of a two-person ambulance crew. In many agencies, the new paramedic will be expected to lead an EMT partner and to provide first-line advanced life support to critical patients. In today’s EMS environment, this approach is no longer viable. EMS agencies must fill in the gaps in cognitive, psychomotor and affective performance for new personnel to be successful in the field. Upon completion of this 16-hour program, the graduate will be able to use the tools provided to develop and manage an EMS-FTEP™ program in the home EMS agency. This program also may have relevance for preservice EMS educators who wish to further improve their clinical preceptor and evaluation programs. We occasionally offer the Program Manager course as a standalone pre-conference in connection with the major national EMS conferences (EMS EXPO and EMS TODAY), as well as select regional and state conferences. We would be happy to bring either program to your state or large regional EMS conferences.

  • Cost of the course
  1. Basic EMS FTEP Course March 23-25 Fee Exempt - $175.00 – Non-Exempt $248.00
  2. FTEP Management March 21-22 Fee Exempt - $175.00 – Non-Exempt $248.00
  3. Both Courses March 21-25 Fee Exempt - $275.00 – Non-Exempt $403.00
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Monday, March 21, 2022 - 09:00
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