10 hours EMT ConEd - Online!

Piedmont Community College

will be hosting a 10 hour EMT ConEd -

Pharmacology and Medication Administration

Topics covered in this course:

  • Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics Overview
  • Medication Administration Overview
  • Medication Review for each type of medical/trauma emergency
  • Medical Math Review



You will need access to the following:

  • A computer or electronic device that supports Blackboard access.
  • A computer or electronic device that allows playback of video and audio materials.
  • All materials that you will need to successfully complete this course will be available in Blackboard in the Modules for each topic area.

Cost:      $70 (unless fee exempt with public service with a qualified department)

Dates:     April 1 - April 30, 2021

Delivery:  Blackboard

Register for classes: https://ww04.elbowspace.com/secure/20180808152916587292

Contact: Heather Franklin

Heather.Franklin@piedmontcc.edu  or  336.694.8052


Opportunity Date: 
Tuesday, March 16, 2021 - 18:45
Statewide (No County)
Federal (No County)
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