Guilford County EMS Logistics Technician


Responsible for the stocking, fueling, and cleaning of Emergency Services units to ensure they are ready for immediate response. This position requires that the employee must have proficiency in the understanding of emergency care and equipment used in the delivery of that care.


They EMS Logistics Technician must check and resupply each EMS unit with specialized medications and equipment necessary to deliver general and emergent medical care in the field environment.  The employee is also responsible for cleaning the unit, checking all operational light and driving systems and insuring that it is capable of responding to emergency calls.  The normal working shift is 10 hours on duty.  The employee must work in all weather conditions.  They must also diagnose any problems with the unit or equipment and have effective repairs completed before releasing to field operations for emergency response.  The employee may be recalled to duty in the event of mass casualty situations within Guilford County or the surrounding areas.  The EMS Logistics Technician must oversee and perform any number of tasks that allow no margin for error.  The position will often be expected to carry out assignments without direct supervision.  Must be able to use governing policies and regulations, general guidelines, organizational precedent and experience to guide their decisions and actions.


Examples of Duties


Essential Duties and Tasks

• Checks out and stock missing/used supplies.
• Checks inventory and expiration dates of all medical supplies in med boxes and vehicular storage compartments.
• Transport units into and out of the restocking area and to maintenance.
• Resupplies unit with necessary medical supplies before placing unit back in service.
• Prepares and maintains supplies and equipment for response to emergencies.
• Completes all manual and computerized forms and reports, maintains records on equipment/supplies used and unit status. 
•  Cleans and fuels the unit.

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Closing Date (If Any): 
Sunday, July 28, 2019
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