NAEMT EMS Safety Course

EMS Safety

Provided through College of The Albemarle

Course Location: Elizabeth City campus at 1208 N. Road St. Elizabeth City, NC 27906

Date/Time: August 22nd from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Registration Fee: $70 (unless affiliated with an eligible North Carolina Fire/Rescue/LEO/EMS agency or NC-based military)

Card Fee: $15

Textbook: Course is taught to the EMS Safety 2nd edition standards. Textbook is highly recommended and can be purchased at:

You can register via this link: EMS Registration Form Select “EMS Safety” and “Elizabeth City Campus” in the Course Name drop down menus.

Course Description: This 8-hour course is for all levels of EMS practitioners, other medical professionals providing prehospital patient care, and EMS supervisors and administrators. This course is the traditional onsite face-to-face format with lectures and interactive exercises.

About the NAEMT EMS Safety Course: NAEMT’s EMS Safety course teaches students how to protect themselves and their patients while on the job. It promotes a culture of safety and helps reduce the number of on-the-job fatalities and injuries. EMS Safety is the only national, comprehensive safety course for EMS practitioners. Its interactive format features real-life case studies and compelling discussions on current safety issues, and provides participants with a forum to share their own experiences. Critical thinking stations help build participants’ risk assessment and decision-making skills.

The EMS Safety, Second Edition is the next step in the evolution of this critical continuing education course. The course manual has been transformed into an engaging resource that can continue to be consulted after the course to assist in crafting proactive safety policies and procedures.

A Proactive Approach to Safety - EMS Safety trains EMS practitioners to be active participants in their own safety. Participants are taught to identify and remove the hazards that can appear during daily tasks, from offensive drivers to violent encounters to chronic stress. Participants are given practical strategies that they can apply in the field, from situational awareness to defensive driving to verbal deflection. Finally, participants are taught how to strengthen their resiliency skills in order to combat both chronic and critical incident stress.

Dynamic Technology Solutions - World-class content joins instructionally sound design in a user-friendly online interface to give instructors and participants a truly interactive and engaging learning experience with an eBook.

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Thursday, August 22, 2019 - 08:00
Statewide (No County)
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