Hybrid Emergency Medical Technician Course

The EMT class is designed to introduce students to basic emergency medical care. Topics include preparatory, airway, patient assessment, medical emergencies, trauma, pediatrics and operations. Upon completion students will be able to demonstrate the knowledge necessary to pass the North Carolina and National Registry EMT Certification Exam. 

To register for the course:

  1. Complete a Program interest form, call Diane Hedgecock at (336) 224-4791. 

Student Prerequisites

  1. 17 years of age on or before the official end date of the course.  
  2. Possession of a high school diploma, high school equivalency or successful completion of an exam assessing basic reading comprehension skills at a minimum at the eleventh-grade level.

Course Schedule

Begins May 18, 2019

Ends August 18, 2019

Required Course Meetings
Orientation May 18, 2019 9am- 1 pm

Skills/Exams/TSOPS (Sat/Sun- 9am-6pm both days) [ 6/1, 6/2;  6/15, 6/16;  6/29, 6/30;    7/13, 7/14;  7/27, 7/28;    8/3, 8/4;  8/10, 8/11;  8/17, 8/18]

Course Cost: $181.25 (unless fee exempt).

REQUIRED Materials:

Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured, 11th Ed. ISBN: 9781284080179 (Textbook is Approx $150).


EMT Testing, EMT Level (www.emstesting.com) $49


Fisdap Internship Package: EMT (Approx $32).


EMS uniform type blue or black pants, black belt, black boots with reinforced toe and a DCCC EMS shirt (that can be purchased at the Campus Bookstore)


Students must be in attendance and recorded as present at least once on or before 5/18/19 to continue with the course.


Opportunity Date: 
Monday, May 6, 2019 - 11:30
Statewide (No County)
Education Category: 
EMT/Paramedic Refresher