EMS Officer I - Module I - Online Course at COA

College of The Albemarle has developed an online EMS Officer Series aimed at providing the new or aspiring EMS officer guidance in confronting common challenges faced by those in EMS managerial and/or leadership roles. This series is divided into three levels in an effort to follow the national model:

  • The Supervising EMS Officer
  • The Managing EMS Officer
  • The Executive EMS Officer

We are accepting registrations for the first module of the series that is set to open on January 8th, 2018. Upon successful completion of each module, you will advance to the next. 

Walter Meads & John Wilson are the Lead Instructors for the first module of EMS Officer I: The Supervising Officer.   

This online series is based on the national officer credentialing requirements as published by the National EMS Management Association. The referenced text is EMS Supervisor by Orlando J. Dominguez, Jr. 

There are three modules that comprise the EMS Officer I level:

·         Module I (12 hours)

·         Module II (12 hours)

·         Module III (12 hours) 

The registration form for the first module can be found here:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dwGw3tyflSrZUWJ_hHWuOR9vxcdUJvK8 

If you are interested in this series, please complete the registration form and send it to Karen Phthisic at Karen_phthisic00@albemarle.edu. She will follow-up with instructions from that point. 

The next modules will be released shortly with a pre-requisite of having completed the prior module to advance.   

Students must submit their registration and complete the icebreaker assignment BEFORE January 15th and will have until February 28th to complete the module.

If you are affiliated with an EMS, fire, 9-1-1, law enforcement, or military organization, you may be fee exempt. The registration fee for students that do not meet the fee exemption status is $70. 

Opportunity Date: 
Monday, January 8, 2018 - 08:00 to Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - 00:00
Statewide (No County)
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