EMD/911 Online Continuing Education

College of The Albemarle EMS Programs now offers online courses for Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD). These courses provide credentialed EMD providers the required topics for recertification through the NAEMD as well as meet the requirements of the NC Office of EMS. A different topic is offered monthly and participants are awarded three (3) hours of continuing education credit towards their EMD and/or EMS credential.

The next topic is Protocol 28: Stroke/TIA and is set to start on December 1, 2018.

If you are interested in this course topic, please complete the following registration form link:


You will receive a follow-up email with login instructions from that point.

Students must register and complete the course verification quiz BEFORE December 8th and will have until December 31st to complete the class.

If you are affiliated with an eligible EMS, fire, 9-1-1, law enforcement, or military organization, you may be fee exempt. The registration fee for students that do not meet the fee exemption status is $70.


Opportunity Date: 
Wednesday, November 28, 2018 - 14:45
Statewide (No County)
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