AHA Instructor Courses at Rockingham Community College

Rockingham Community College will be hosting AHA instructor classes this Fall for all disciplines.  The dates are as follows:

BLS:  October 19th

PALS: October 25th

ACLS: November 22nd

1. You must provide your email address when you call or email.  We will email you important information for the course.


2. Complete the Instructor Essentials Course for the discipline you are trying to obtain; this can be found at https://www.onlineaha.org/ (there is a $30 fee for this course) (you must have your course completion certificate when you arrive to class)


3. Complete an Instructor Candidate Application – This should be completed and signed by the instructor candidate and by someone who can verify the instructor candidate’s instructor potential.

      a. Email thompsond0374@rockinghamcc.edu and request this form. Bring the signed application to class.  (This form must be completed by the TCF/Coordinator/Instructor that is recommending you to become an instructor.

      b. Anyone taking the course who will not be aligning with Randolph Community College’s TC will need to have the affiliating TC fill out the TC alignment section.  If this is not completed, candidate will not be able to take the class.


4. Affiliate with an AHA Community Training Center.

     a. You must be accepted by the AHA Training Center before enrolling into an Instructor Course. 

     b. To affiliate with Randolph Community College you will need to first let this be made known during your phone call or email to Donna Thompson (as there is another form to complete) log onto the AHA Instructor Network at https://ahainstructornetwork.americanheart.org    

     c. Register and affiliate as a instructor for all disciplines you are wanting to obtain.


5. Hold a current AHA provider certification – Bring a copy of your AHA card to class


6. Bring a Basic Life Support Instructor Kit to class

     a. This can be purchased through AHA Distributors:  WorldPoint, Channing-Bete Co., or Laerdal Medical Corp.


Please forward any question regarding this class or registration to Donna Thompson at thompsond0374@rockinghamcc.edu.


Opportunity Date: 
Saturday, October 19, 2019 - 08:00 to Friday, November 22, 2019 - 17:00
Statewide (No County)
Education Category: