19 Day EMT Training - Wilmington, NC

The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education (NCOAE) in Wilmington, NC offers a comprehensive, 19-day EMT training. Guided by the North Carolina Office of EMS and teaching to the scope of the National Registry, NCOAE serves students both domestically and internationally. All EMT courses are facilitated on the NCOAE campus in Wilmington, NC

Upon successful completion of our EMT training, you will be prepared and ready to pass both the NC State exam and the NREMT exam. Please note that most states do offer reciprocity, however each state is different, please feel free to call with any questions.

The next available dates for the Intensive EMT-B course runs from 6/8-6/26/20 and 7/6-7/24/20.

Some elements have shifted in our training, details can be found below and on our COVID-19 update page.

May and June 2020 trainings taking place at our campus in Wilmington, N.C., remain on schedule but with a hybrid component now included. While this may seem surprising, please note the following:

The North Carolina Office of EMS (NCOEMS) — which is actively monitoring the impact COVID-19 is having on EMS Education in North Carolina — has approved The National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education’s adjusted schedule of on-campus EMT training programs that are now supported by a thoughtful and fully supported online component.

That said, there are a few important new rules and procedures you should know about regarding our upcoming EMT training:

1.     While May and June 2020 trainings will run in real-time, lectures — which are normally delivered during the first two weeks of an EMT training here on our campus — will be delivered online only. As a result of this hybrid approach, please note the following:

·       All lectures will be offered in real-time. None of the lectures will be pre-recorded.

·       Students will be required — as they would be during the two weeks of lectures on campus — to participate in quizzes, tests, and pop-assignments in real-time.

·       A variety of proven internet-based platforms, including Zoom, Moodle, and Google Classroom, will be used to deliver real-time lectures and student participation.

·       Assuming the COVID-19 health crisis is over, students may choose from among three date ranges (May 25-31, June 29-July 5, and July 27-Aug. 2) to come to our campus in Wilmington, N.C. to participate in and complete the skills portion of their training.

2.     Once students arrive on campus to complete the hands-on skills portion of their training, campus class sizes will be managed according to local, state, and federal guidelines for public and private gatherings.

3.     While on campus, students’ temperature will be taken multiple times throughout each day, and any student exhibiting signs of illness will immediately be removed from their training.

4.     Students’ will be required to wash their hands multiple times throughout the days they remain on campus, according to CDC guidelines.

5.     For the time being, classes are only open to students traveling to Wilmington by automobile. This may change.

6.     As of now, students planning on traveling to our location by plane won’t be permitted to participate in our trainings. If you fall into this category, please call our office to reschedule your training.

For our part, all NCOAE staff members and instructors are following the same directives we have for students, including having temperatures taken throughout the day, washing hands according to CDC guidelines, and practicing social distancing whenever possible.

Click THIS LINK to view the complete list of EMT course dates for 2020 or feel free to call us at 910-399-8090.


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